Here are some tips to make your experience at your baby's newborn session unforgettable:
1. If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating spicy or citrus foods, as these can cause discomfort in your baby's belly, giving him cramps and thus preventing him from sleeping.
2. Keep your baby active as much as you can 1 hour before the session, interacting with him to stay awake.
3. It is ideal to feed him about 2 hours before arriving at the studio to feed him again before the session if he needs it. A tired baby with a full belly means a sleeping baby :).
4. The baby should be dressed in clothes that are easy to remove and loose so that it does not leave marks on the skin.
5. In many occasions a pacifier can be a "life saver" :). Even if your baby is not accustomed, it is advisable to bring one only for the session.
6. The studio will be set at a temperature of 26C. Babies are very sensitive and since we are going to be photographing the baby, it is best to keep him comfortable and happy. This is why we suggest that parents also wear light clothes or in case of winter, several layers of clothes.
7. The session takes a lot of time. Normally between 2 and 4 hours depending on the baby's sleep. We suggest that parents bring a book or something they like to sit and relax, taking a much deserved rest.
8. Although the session is dedicated to your baby, we will take some pictures of him with the family (if your package includes them). We suggest that you bring clothes for those shots.

For us, it is very important that parents are informed and thus help them prepare for their photo shoot to be successful. We want them to feel calm and comfortable. Your baby's safety and well-being are a priority.

Newborn Guide
By hiring a photo session at Acqua Lila Photography you are accepting our terms and conditions, be sure to read them beforehand.
A delay of more than 30 minutes based on the agreed schedule without prior notice will be considered as an absence and the right to hold the session will be lost (without refund).
Only TWO ADULTS can attend the session due to our work dynamics. If the contracted pack includes a family photo and you want a sibling to participate, you can bring him/her at the beginning or at the end of the session so that he / she does not have to wait while we take the shots of the newborn baby. (The family photo is included depending on the chosen pack, check the description of our packs for more details).
If the session cannot be done, notify at least 48 hours before, otherwise all rights to it are lost. The re-programming is under the decision of ACQUA LILA PHOTOGRAPH with an additional cost of $ 500.
ACQUA LILA PHOTOGRAPHY owns the photographs taken during the session. We can display them, as well as publish them on websites, social networks, magazines or books, exhibitions, contests, etc. WITHOUT COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, with the conditions it deems appropriate, without the parents or guardians having the right to demand financial compensation or compensation of any kind.
ACQUA LILA PHOTOGRAPHY is not responsible for the predisposition of the baby at the time of the session, so this will not be a valid reason for re-programming the date or reimbursement of costs. RE-PROGRAMMING WILL DEPEND ON THE MATERIAL RECEIVED UNTIL THE TIME OF SUSPENSION. If it is sufficient to meet the contracted pack, the session is not re-programmable. In the event that ACQUA LILA PHOTOGRAPHY considers re-programming the session, it will be subject to the available dates and will have an additional cost.
Once the pre-selection has been sent by the photographers, the CLIENT has a period of 30 days to select the images that will be sent for editing. After that time the digital gallery will be automatically deleted. The re-activation of the digital gallery will have an additional cost of $ 750.
I understand and accept that the raw files (digital negative) of the images will NOT be delivered under any circumstances. Only selected, edited images will be delivered.
Once the digital images edited by ACQUA LILA PHOTOGRAPHY are delivered, the final digital photos of the CLIENT, will be saved for 1 year. At the end of the year, it will be permanently deleted.